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We are a small business dedicated to providing a high-quality coffee experience for each of our customers. We want to deliver quality from the ordering process all the way to your kitchen!

We roast our premium Arabica beans after you order and ship via USPS Priority so you can enjoy exceptional coffee at its peak of freshness!

Don enlisted in the US Navy in 1989 and is still on active duty today. In his “off time”, he helps with customer service, new product development, business collaborations, social media, and day-to-day operations. I too served in the US Navy and retired as a Chief Petty Officer in the field of weather forecasting. We have two incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and motivated daughters who we are so insanely proud of! Since the girls are out of the house at college, our two dogs (a dachshund and a Yorkie) keep me company while Don is at work! So that's the "team"...when I say we are a small company, I wasn't kidding! :-) 

Don is from Texas and I am from Florida, though we both have some attachment to Virginia after being stationed there so many years. We are currently living in Southwestern Missouri and we truly love the atmosphere and people here!