Flavors of Seaside Coffee

Our Flavored Coffees begin with Colombian and then we add flavor during the grinding process.



Almond Joy-----------------------------Dark chocolate and coconut

Chocolate Almond------------------Milk chocolate and almond

Chocolate Cappuccino------------Light chocolate with creamy coffee

Chocolate Caramel Truffle----------Rich chocolate with smooth creamy

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough---------Tastefully cookie dough flavor

Chocolate Covered Cherry-------Maraschino cherries and dark chocolate

Chocolate English Toffee--------Swiss chocolate with buttery caramel molasses

Chocolate Fantasy --------------Smooth Swiss chocolate

Chocolate Fudge --------------- Rich dark chocolate fudge

Chocolate Hazelnut---------------Swiss chocolate and nut

Chocolate Irish Crème-----------Milk chocolate with the flavored cream

Chocolate Macadamia Nut---------Milk chocolate with macadamia nut

Chocolate Mint---------------------Dark chocolate with mint

Chocolate Orange Cordial ----------- Dark chocolate and candied orange

Chocolate Pecan-------------------Light chocolate and nut

Chocolate Raspberry--------------Rich chocolate with a kiss of raspberry

Chocolate Sticky Buns------------Swiss chocolate tasty dessert   

Chocolate Toasted Praline--------Chocolate with creamy, smooth, toasted praline

Death by Chocolate---------------Dark, rich chocolate

German Chocolate Cake---------Rich chocolate and coconut with light berry note

Ozark Mountain Turtle--------Chocolate truffle and praline

Rocky Road-----------------------Chocolate, marshmallow, and creamy nut

Sinful Delight--------------------Butterscotch, coconut, and chocolate

Swiss Chocolate----------------------Full bodied Swiss chocolate

White Chocolate---------------------Mild chocolate

White Chocolate Almond-------------Mild chocolate with almond

White Chocolate Mousse---------------Mild chocolate creamy dessert

White Chocolate Raspberry---------------Mild chocolate with light berry


Apple Strudel-------------------------Warm apple cinnamon and pasty

Birthday Cake------------------------Traditional moist treat

Black Forest Cake----------------------Rich chocolate with cherries and coconut

Blackberry Cobbler-------------------Familiar fruit dessert

Blueberry Muffin--------------------Fresh from the oven berry flavor

Blueberry Pie-------------------------Blueberry baked in flaky crust

Carrot Cake---------------------Complex cake with cream cheese frosting

Cherries Jubilee------------------------Sweet maraschino cherries with a kick

Cinnamon Sticky Buns-------------Familiar taste of the baked rolls

Coffee Crème Brulee--------------------Vanilla custard with creamy caramel toffee top notes

Cookies and Crème----------------Cookie with cream filling

Crème Brulee-----------------------Vanilla custard with creamy caramel top note

Cupcake-----------------------------Delicious bakery treat

French Apple Pie-------------------Baked apple and cream

German Chocolate Cake---------Rich chocolate and coconut with light berry note

Gingersnap-------------------------Holiday cookie flavor

Pumpkin Crème Pie-------------------Spice and pumpkin, softened with cream

Red Velvet Cake---------------------Traditional red velvet dessert

Sticky Buns------------------------Just like a homemade swirl

Strawberry Shortcake---------Smooth and strawberry dessert treat

Strudel Cake --------------------Spices and apple

Tiramisu--------------------------Cake with cream, cinnamon, and coffee liqueur



Apricot Brandy---------------Fruit flavor complimented by the flavor of brandy

Apricot Crème-------------------Fruit flavor with smooth finish

Banana Nut--------------------Ripe banana with nut

Blackberries and Crème------------------Summer berries topped with cream

Blackberry Brandy---------------------Summer ripe berries and a hint of brandy

Blueberry Pie-----------------------------Blueberry baked in flaky crust

Caribbean Colada---------------------Pina colada with rum flavor

Cherry Vanilla-------------------------Sweet cherry with vanilla

Chocolate Covered Cherry---------Maraschino cherries and dark chocolate

Chocolate Raspberry--------------Rich chocolate with a kiss of raspberry

Cinnamon Orange--------------------Cinnamon with a splash of fresh orange

Coconut Crème---------------------Creamy Coconut with a touch of graham cracker

Cranberry Crème-------------------Sweet and tart berry with creamy, smooth background

Fuzzy Navel-----------------------Peaches and orange

Ginger Peach------------------------Ripe peach with a touch of ginger spice

Orange Chiffon------------------Creamy orange vanilla

Orange Crème Stick----------------------Dreamy orange cream treat

Peach Brandy----------------------Peach complimented by the flavor of brandy

Peaches and Crème---------------------Ripe peach with vanilla

Pumpkin Spice-----------------------Pumpkin with the classic complimentary spices

Raspberry Crème---------------Sweet raspberry with creamy vanilla background

Raspberry/Cranberry----------Bright, sweet, and tart berries

Strawberry Shortcake---------Smooth and strawberry dessert treat



Amaretto-----------------------------sweet almond liqueur

B-52®----------------------------------Kahlua, Irish Crème, and Amaretto

Blackberry Brandy-------------------Summer ripe berries and a hint of brandy

Butter Rum----------------------------Buttery rum flavor

Caribbean Colada------------------Pina Colada with rum flavor

Frangelica-----------------------------Hazelnut liqueur

Highlander Grogg-----------------Creamy vanilla rum taste

Hot Toddy---------------------------Spicy warm flavor

Irish Crème-------------------------Reminiscent of Bailey’s Irish Crème

Jamaican Me Crazy---------------Tropical blend of Kahlua, caramel and vanilla

Jamaican Me Nuts----------------Tropical blend of Kahlua, caramel and nuts

Jazzy Java-------------------------Cinnamon, rum, and pecans

Kahlua Supreme----------------Similar to the Kahlua liqueur

Peach Brandy--------------------Peach complimented by the flavor of brandy

Southern Whiskey--------------Distinct flavor of the distilled beverage

Spiced Butter Rum-------------Complex spice with the buttery rum flavor

Vanilla Rum---------------------Island flavor smoothed with vanilla

White Russian--------------------Smooth Kahlua and cream



Almond Joy---------------------------Dark chocolate and coconut

Almond Roca-----------------------Almond nut with cherry

Banana Nut---------------------------Ripe banana with nut

Chocolate Hazelnut---------------Swiss chocolate and nut

Chocolate Pecan-------------------Light chocolate and nut

Cinnamon Hazelnut----------------Exotic cinnamon, classic hazelnut, and hint of vanilla

Cinnamon Nut Crème------------------Cinnamon with a hint of nut and cream

Cinnamon Pecan----------------------Pecan complimented with cinnamon spice

Cinnamon Vanilla Nut-----------------Cinnamon smoothed over with vanilla and a hint of nut

Hawaiian Macadamia Nut-------Tastes like real macadamia nuts

Hazelnut Crème-------------------Ripe, sweet hazelnut

Jamaican Me Nuts----------------Tropical blend of Kahlua, caramel and nuts

Jazzy Java-------------------------Cinnamon, rum, and pecans

Kona Crème-----------------Lots of creamy vanilla with nuts

Maple Pecan---------------------Maple syrup aroma with nut background

Ozark Mountain Turtle-------------Chocolate truffle and praline

Peanut Butter Truffle-------------Candied peanut butter and rich chocolate

Pecan Praline----------------------Pecan with sweet praline candy

Pistachio---------------------------Classic pistachio

Pralines and Crème---------------------Smooth and creamy praline

Southern Pecan-----------------Natural, sweet pecan from the South

Toasted Almond---------------------Intense toasted almond

Toasted Praline----------------------Toasted pecan with sweet praline

Totally Nuts----------------------Almond, chestnut, and hazelnut

Vanilla Almond Bark----------------------Rich vanilla with sweet almond top note

Vanilla Hazelnut----------------------Vanilla with a hint of hazelnut

Vanilla Nut Crème----------------Creamy vanilla with a nutty background



Butter Caramel-------------------Buttery caramel flavor

Candy Cane-------------------Peppermint Twist

Caramel Apple--------------------Traditional fall treat

Carrot Cake------------------------Complex cake with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Mintcicles-------------Perfect balance of mint and chocolate

Cinnamon Orange----------------Citrus with fall cinnamon

Cranberry Crumble----------------Fruit, cinnamon, brown sugar, and cream flavors

Frosty’s Favorite-----------------Cinnamon graham with creamy nut

Ginger Peach--------------------Ripe peach with a touch of ginger

Gingersnap------------------------Holiday cookie flavor

Holiday Cheer-----------------------Complex spice with buttery rum

Holiday Fudge-------------------Creamy chocolate treat with pecans

Holiday Spice---------------------Exotic cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla

Jingle Bell Java--------------------Cinnamon rum and pecan

Pistachio-------------------------------Classic pistachio nut

Pumpkin Crème Pie-----------------Spice, pumpkin, and cream.  Just like a slice of pie.

Pumpkin Latte---------------------Warm milk and pumpkin  

Pumpkin Spice-------------------------Pumpkin with classic complimentary spices

Salty Caramel-------------------Caramel with that salty and sweet combination

Santa’s Nightcap---------------------Creamy vanilla rum

Santa’s Snack--------------------------Cookies and cream

Spiced Egg Nog----------------------Cinnamon cream and nutmeg treat

Sugar Cookie--------------------Buttery holiday cookie with icing

White Christmas---------------------White chocolate mousse



Butter Caramel-------------------------Buttery caramel flavor

Butterscotch Toffee----------------Butter and brown sugar

Cappuccino--------------------------Frothed milk blended with espresso

Caramel Crème--------------------Caramel with vanilla

Cinnamon Crème-------------------Cinnamon with a creamy smoothness

English Toffee--------------------------Lightly spiced, creamed caramel

French Toast-------------------------Spiced eggnog with creamy vanilla

French Vanilla----------------------French vanilla with a dash of caramel

Marshmallow Nut Crème----------------Sweet marshmallow taste with vanilla

Peppermint Twist--------------Candy cane taste of peppermint

Salty Caramel-------------------Caramel with that salty and sweet combination

Toasted Coconut---------------------Coconut flavor mellowed

Vanilla Crème-------------------Smooth and creamy vanilla

Victorian Caramel-------------Extra creamy with rich caramel