Defenders of Freedom Coffee

We wanted a coffee label that celebrates the women warriors from each branch of the military service so we present...Defenders of Freedom!

Our label features a female mascot of each military branch. It includes the US Army Mule, the US Navy Goat, the US Marine Corps Bulldog, the US Air Force Falcon, and the US Coast Guard Bear! 

Perhaps the most unique feature of our label is that is has a built-in sticker! That's right, you can remove the sticker from the label and show your pride on your favorite travel mug, or your laptop, or wherever you like! 

Complex flavors provided by a blend of Sumatra, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. Sumatra adds body and richness paired with an equal amount of brightness and briskness courtesy of Costa Rica, topped off by the fruity undertones of the Ethiopia bean. What you have is a delicious cup of coffee that entices any palate. 

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